Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pip the Chicago Cubs Fan

Pip doesn't understand the fine points of baseball, but she loves anything that makes me happy.

Pip is nervous. Will the Cubs pull it off?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Pip's Perfect Birding Manners

Virginia Rail

On Sunday, Pip and I went to the Western Waterfront Trail where some Soras were calling within a lovely little marshy area. I got close and knelt down, in hopes I could see one. Pip came down and sat right next to me, and next thing I knew, this Virginia Rail came skulking out. I didn't make a sound, but Pip intuitively knew I needed her to stay put, and she stayed at my side, moving her head to track the bird as I photographed it. I was almost too close—the photo above is not cropped at all.

Virginia Rail

 On Monday, we headed to Port Wing, Wisconsin. From the car, I got some great photos of a very close Hermit Thrush. Pip looked out the window with me, and was clearly watching the bird, but she didn't bark or do anything that would frighten it. It spent its time rooting through the leaves looking for food, ignoring us.

  Hermit Thrush

When we walked along Big Pete Road, some Pine Warblers were singing back and forth, probably new on their territories, and Pip was so good they ignored her completely.

  Pine Warbler

 Great birding dog, or the greatest birding dog?