Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pip gets a lifer and a World Series win!

Pip loves her Cubbies! 

 At 12:47 am EDT on November 3, 2016, (it was still before midnight on November 2 here in Duluth), the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Pip had watched all seven games with me. She and I are usually in bed before 11, but I was so elated that I couldn't tear myself from the television, watching the celebration, for over an hour. When I could finally turn the television off and settle down for bed, I took Pip outside first. And in our backyard, what should we hear but a Boreal Owl—Pip's lifer! My education owl Archimedes was calling back and forth with it, too. What more proof did we need that Nature itself approved of our beloved Cubbies finally taking it all?

  Boreal Owl