Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pip starts her life list on Saturday!

I'm driving down to Chicago tomorrow, and my sister-in-law Jeanie (Pip's soon-to-be auntie) and I will go to the breeder's house at 1 pm on Saturday to meet Pip! I'm planning to see at least a few birds from the window with Pip, to get a little start on her life list. We'll work a bit harder on that on the drive home on March 21, and then we'll start getting serious! It'll be fun for me to start anew, listing every bird I see with Pip at my side. I'm also going to be keeping a list of all the states she spends time in. This spring we'll easily get that to 5, and more if I get to bring her to Kansas with me. What larks!! (Speaking of which, I hope we see some in Wisconsin on that first drive home together!)

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  1. Not a single bird flew past the house the entire time I was there! (Well, not that I noticed, but we did pay some attention.)


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