Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Live and Learn

Pip went with me to the Friends of Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge IMDB gala. I led a Saturday morning field trip without her—she stayed back at the house I was staying in for that (but I brought her to the same spots before we left so her life list wouldn't suffer!). But on Friday evening, I brought her to my talk at a wine tasting at Elmaro Vineyards. She was great while I was holding her, but she's just too darned adorable. So many people offered to babysit her during my talk that I relented. The trick is, she gets anxious when anyone carries her away from me, so she was wriggly and whining and someone ended up handing her back to me in the middle of my talk. It was awkward with the microphone, so I ended up giving her to some people in the front row, but she got back into distress mode, a wine glass got broken, and I learned my lesson. When I popped her into her carrier, she instantly curled up and went to sleep, and the rest of my talk was uneventful. So the new rule is that during my talks, she stays in the carrier.

I had her with at my keynote for The Biggest Week in American Birding in Ohio on Monday afternoon. This time, I carried her around before the talk but then popped her in the carrier before I was introduced, and she was perfect. So this is the rule now.

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