Saturday, May 2, 2015

Up to Eighty!

Why don't squirrels take Pip seriously?

Today, May 1, Pip's life list is at 80. Considering that I've not had any time to do any serious birding since I got her (except when I was in Kansas without her), this isn't too bad. In the context of my own first spring, when I had only 20 by May 1 and ended the entire spring with 40, she's doing darned well. Some people have said she is only benefitting because I'm helping her get all her lifers, but I've known plenty of birders with huge life lists who depended on a guide or field trip leader to identify almost all their birds, too. Kenn Kaufman says that the whole point of birding, as a sport, is to have fun, and by that measure, Pip stands at the pinnacle of quality birding.

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